What is Foster Parenting?

Children in foster care have been removed from their home due to abuse and neglect.  They are in need of loving temporary homes to keep them safe until they are reunited with family, are adopted or move into independent living.  In other words they are modern day orphans in need of a family.

Potential Foster parents with Open Arms must:

  1. Be 21 years of age or older

  2. Have a stable income from another source

  3. Have adequate space in their home to accommodate foster children

  4. Complete state licensing and training requirements, including a physical exam, positive references, and criminal background checks

  5. Be willing to love a child unconditionally

As a foster parent you will receive:  Services and support, including, ongoing training, 24-hour staff support, counseling services, financial reimbursement, and respite care.

Two different licenses are available: 

  1. Therapeutic Foster Parent

  2. Standard Foster Parent

Once licensed, Open Arms assists with placement and case management for children placed in the home.

Becoming a foster parent opens a door of opportunity for you to make a difference in the life of one child.

To learn additional requirements, receive more information and/or to request a licensing packet email Marcie Dierdorf at marcie@openarmschristian.com.

Foster Parenting Purpose

  1. To provide an environment and experiences that allow for normal maturation

  2. To protect from further injury

  3. To assist in resolving issues that might block the development of a healthy personality.

  4. To provide the needed environment to help a youth become personally and socially responsible.

  5. To promote permanency, whether it be to reunite the child with biological parents or to provide a family living situation pending independent living or other living circumstances.

Alarming Statistics

The latest statistics say that 500,000 children are taken into foster care each year. Many foster children have suffered from sexual or physical abuse or gross neglect. They may come from any ethnic group or race and can be any age. They may be a sibling group who are no longer able to live with their biological family, but should remain together. These children need a foster family to give them love, hope and security, someone to listen, and someone to help them overcome their problems that may be emotional, educational, behavioral, or all three.


  1. -Open Arms Christian Ministries is partnering with Maryland Community Church to offer an opportunity to mobilize the Christian community to meet the growing needs the at-risk children in Indiana. Approximately 8,000 Hoosier children enter the foster care system each year.  These are children who have experienced abandonment, neglect and abuse and are in need of godly homes to care for them during a difficult time in their lives.  If you live in the Terre Haute area and are interested in engaging your church in providing hope and future to children in Indiana, join Maryland Community Church at a Foster Care Awareness Brunch on 20th at 10 am.  RSVP by contacting Vince at Maryland Community Church (phone # or email) or go to the INFO / EVENTS page.


  1. -Interested in hosting a Foster Care Awareness event at your church?  Email:  sheila@openarmschristian.com or call 812-659-2533 ext. 219

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